Research Institute for Humanities at Chinese University of Hong Kong (East Asia)

An interdisciplinary team made of experienced and innovative scholars from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, as well as its regional associates in China (Peking University, Shanghai Jiaotong University), Taipei (Academia Sinica), and Macao (University of Macau) is ready to tackle this critical issue from the perspectives of philosophy, history, religious studies, critical political theory, and cultural studies. This emergent team in Hong Kong begins at the greatest distance from a sharp secular/religious binary, due perhaps to the long history of Confucian agnosticism. Here the team begins with the dominant mode of scholarship on Chinese religion as a philosophical project concerned with ethics and situational wisdom. They will consider how Chinese religions intersect today with the rapidly changing tenor of political belonging that accompanies China’s burgeoning economic development. As China’s achievements in global modernity become increasingly evident, how that nation and its individual citizens were to re-fashion (formulate) a renewed sense of political and cultural belonging amongst themselves and along with the outside world becomes also critical to all.

RelSec is comprised of five partner sites situated in universities around the world. The participating centers conduct parallel research projects whose exact shape reflects the distinct missions of the centers and research profiles of the teams. All will include some combination of public presentations and events, faculty workshops, and/or curricular initiatives, such as the development of team-taught courses on secularism, religion, and political belonging.
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