Background texts & further discussion for the readings on Monday June 9th

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Ernst van den Hemel
Background texts & further discussion for the readings on Monday June 9th

Hello all, 

as I was preparing the reading for our reading session on Monday June 9th, I came across lots of interesting extra reading material. This might be a good place to put extra readings here. Also, since there is so much to discuss we might be able to continue our discussion here.




Ernst van den Hemel
Extra Readings Peter van der Veer:

Fenggeng Yang: The Red, Black, Grey Markets of Religion in China (2006). Can be found here.

Ernst van den Hemel
Extra Readings Leerom Medovoi

Lee's text resonates with my work a great deal. I am particularly interested in two things:

- Lee's emphasis on race relates to, and differs from, the idea of culturalisation of citizenship. It might be interesting to compare the work to the article 'Culturalisation of citizenship in the Netherlands', by two Dutch sociologists, Duyvendak and Tonkens, that can be found here

- I wonder how Lee's concept of dogma-line racism relates to the work of Athony D. Smith. His work takes criticizes Benedict Anderson and Ernest Gellner for not being able to take ethnicity into account. Specifically The Cultural Foundations of Nations (2008) is of interest. Drop me an email if you are interested in this text, I can send it to you. 



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